West Side Improvement Club Tablecloth

The Club Tablecloth is a wonderful piece of artwork created by the "Ladies Auxiliary" for the West Side Improvement Club.

Tablecloth History

Member Sinatures on the West Side Improvement Club Tablecloth.Unfortunately the history is sketchy regarding the Club tablecloth. April 6, 1954 minutes read “Mrs. Trinen announced the ladies have purchased a tablecloth, on which the signatures of members will be embroidered, for $.50”. At the beginning the Ladies Auxiliary saw that the embroidery was done but later individual members volunteered to do the handwork. For several years the tablecloth was missing with its whereabouts unknown. In 2000 the Club retired the tablecloth, after allowing any new members to sign, since it was becoming fragile. The mounting was completed for our 75th anniversary of the Club in 2007.